Who’s your book boyfriend?

Everyone loves a quiz! That got me thinking about the heroes in my books… Let’s see which of my summer book characters you’d fall for! Are you more Summer at Oyster Bay’s Charlie Peterson, Summer by the Sea’s Jake Buchanan, or Love Me for Me’s Pete Bennett? Good luck!


  1. While reading on a cold day, how would you warm your feet?

(a) tucking them under the legs of your man

(b) curling up under a quilt

(c) travel somewhere warmer

(d) all of the above


  1. What type of vacation best describes you?

(a) visiting an island

(b) flying to a beach

(c) kicking back in your back yard with good friends

(d) They all sound great!


  1. What would you most like to do in your free time?

(a) be with your family

(b) see a good band and have a few drinks

(c) start a project around the house

(d) I’d like to do all of these at one point or another


  1. Which alcoholic drink best describes you?

(a) margarita

(b) beer

(c) wine

(d) Any of these!


  1. What would most likely excite you for dinner?

(a) a cookout

(b) a home cooked meal, made by your significant other

(c) take-out from your favorite restaurant

(d) All of these are totally fine by me.


  1. Which would you most like to try?

(a) surfing

(b) co-piloting a plate

(c) horseback riding

(d) They all sound fun.


Tally up your A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s. Which number was the highest? Check below to find your book boyfriend!

Mostly A’s: Pete Bennett – Love Me for Me

Mostly B’s: Jake Buchanan – Summer by the Sea

Mostly C’s: Charles Peterson – Summer at Oyster Bay

Mostly D’s: All 3 of them!