A Peek Into All I Want for Christmas!

Thursday, October 6th (otherwise known as Crazy-Exciting-Christmassy-PUBLICATION-DAY!!) is quickly approaching. To celebrate, I thought I’d post a little teaser each week until we get there! Let’s start with a tiny one just to get our feet wet…

All I Want for Christmas is the story of Leah and David, and as we know, Christmas comes once a year, but true love only comes once in a lifetime.

Enjoy the first excerpt, and if you just can’t stand the wait and need to click that Purchase Now button, All I Want for Christmas is available for preorder on Amazon. Happy reading!


Tipping the package upside down, Leah caught a lone key in the palm of her hand, recognizing it immediately. She pulled out a stack of documents with a note in Nan’s scratchy handwriting clipped to the top. The notepaper was pink and lacy, the edges rounded delicately with little holes punched out. She laid the documents on top of a few Christmas cards that had come in the mail and focused on the letter, aching to hear Nan’s soft, reassuring voice again.

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