The Friends We Keep

To continue our countdown to publication day for All I Want for Christmas, I’m sharing another teaser!

We all have those great friends with whom we love spending time, who keep our secrets, and help us through the hard things that come our way. Leah Evans is no different. She has two really great friends. They all started out in a single mothers’ group together but dwindled to three–Leah, Roz, and Louise–and they call themselves The Girls. So The Girls will give you a teeny tiny glimpse of the characters in All I Want for Christmas. Hope you enjoy it!

“I’m fine, thanks.” Leah smiled. “I was just going through the mail…”

“Well, ignore it!” Roz said, swinging a glass full of red wine her way. The purple color of it nearly matched Roz’s dark hair. It was bottle-black, her latest beauty experiment, and in the light, it had almost a reddish-purple tint to it. “We’re going to have an amazing night of…” As she pressed her bright red lips together in thought, she handed the other glass to Louise. “What are we doing tonight besides drinking wine and having dinner? Did anyone get a movie or anything?”

“I thought we could play cards,” Louise piped up, taking a dainty sip from her glass and looking back and forth between Roz and Leah. “I brought some. They’re Toy Story though.”

Roz snorted as Louise pulled her five-year-old’s cards from her handbag.

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