Who’s your winter book boyfriend?

Back by popular demand: the book boyfriend quiz! Let’s see which of my winter book characters you’d fall for! Number your paper from 1 to 8 and for each, write down the letter of your answer.

Will your hero be Robert Marley – Coming Home for Christmas, Adam Fletcher – A Christmas to Remember, Nick Sinclair – Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses, or David Forester – All I Want for Christmas?

  1. While reading on a cold day, how would you warm your feet?

            (a) by a toasty fire

            (b) relaxing with a good drink

            (c) wearing big, fuzzy socks

            (d) traveling somewhere warmer

  1. What type of vacation best describes you?

            (a) a “staycation” with movies and popcorn and a guy who cooks for you

            (b) a tour of breweries or wineries

            (c) visiting a tropical beach

            (d) a trip to New York

  1. What would you most like to do after work?

            (a) have a warm drink and snuggle under a quilt

            (b) go out for cocktails or beers

            (c) listen to music

            (d) ride horses

  1. What would you most like to do in the snow?

            (a) take a horse-drawn sleigh ride

            (b) go sledding yourself down a big hill

            (c) ice skate

            (d) stay inside

  1. What treat would you pick from the list below?

            (a) snow cream

            (b) specialty beer

            (c) cake

            (d) champagne

  1. What’s your favorite thing to wear when it’s cold?

            (a) fuzzy socks

            (b) a sweater

            (c) a new winter coat

            (d) a designer outfit

  1. Which Christmas gift would you like the most?

            (a) an heirloom

            (b) a very nice dinner out

            (c) concert tickets

            (d) a Christmas party

  1. What’s your favorite Christmas drink?

            (a) Eggnog

            (b) a good stout

            (c) a Christmas cocktail

            (d) a shot

Score! Tally up your answers. Which letter has the highest number? Check for your corresponding hero below!

(a) David Forester – All I Want for Christmas

(b) Adam Fletcher – A Christmas to Remember

(c) Nick Sinclair – Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

(d) Robert Marley – Coming Home for Christmas

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