Well, I’m in the midst of writing the pitch and synopsis for next Christmas’s novel as I excitedly await edits on this summer’s. It’s a busy thing, this writing. When I decided to do it full time, I quickly took over a room in my home, moved all my books in there, bought a desk, and decorated it like crazy until I had My Happy Place. It’s calming, organized, quiet. Then, when the kids went to school and my husband shuffled off to work, I sat. In silence. With nothing pulling my attention.

And I struggled! I had everything I needed! Except inspiration. What I found was that I do best when I’m on the go, people-watching, in new places. I notice the exposed brick on the walls in restaurants, the old lady with the dog that guides her around loose stones on the sidewalks, the icy chill in the air. In a couple of hours at a coffee shop, I can get done what takes me all day at home.

So much of the first draft of my upcoming novel was written in coffee shops around southern Virginia. I thought it might be fun to take you on a tour of my favorite places for inspiration. Grab a cup of coffee and have a look!















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