Wait, what? It’s Thanksgiving?

I swear I blinked. Just the once. And summer turned into a blur like that little cloud left by the Road Runner on the cartoons I used to watch as a child. Our family made a huge move from the east coast to Nashville, Tennessee, and somehow, while head first in boxes, unpacking, the last few months whizzed by! I got my kids into their new schools, made more changes to my house than I can list on my fingers, started writing my tenth book and celebrated the Hallmark TV movie of my novel Coming Home for Christmas. Now, as I look up from the whirlwind, I’m staring at my children while they tell me that they’re off all week next week for the holiday. But they just started school! No they didn’t, they say.

It really is mid-November.

Where did the time go?

The good news is, we’re nearly settled now. I’ve started hanging curtains and pictures on the walls, the kids’ beds are made every day, and my office is buzzing with activity again. Things are finally slowing down just in time to enjoy the Christmas season. I’m planning to get the Christmas trees out this week, there are gingerbread houses to be built, and stockings to be hung! And, oh yes! Books to be read! If you haven’t picked up my latest Christmas book, We’ll Always Have Christmas is available now.

While it did sneak up on me, I must admit that I’m quite ready for the fireside snuggles next to the glittering lights of the Christmas tree, warm mugs of hot chocolate, and kitchen counters covered with cookie making ingredients! I also have lots of things in store this holiday season, including a really great give-away, so do check in from time to time and catch up with me on social media! Let the festivities begin!


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