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It could take up to a month…

That was what the editor at the small publisher told me when she requested the full for Flipped for You.  This publisher is known for being author-friendly, prompt with correspondence, and providing on-time responses.  Tomorrow will be exactly one month.  I am probably the only one counting days, but it affirms my original Snail-Philosophy.  Everyone–even a small press–is overloaded.  My in-box is currently empty.

So, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and hunkered down in the kitchen more than a few times to resume my most recent novel titled I’d Rather Be Somewhere Else.  It is a welcome distraction from the compulsive e-mail checking that I do when given thirty seconds of free time.  With each manuscript I am able to apply the wisdom I’ve gained from the process of querying, corresponding with agents and editors, and revising.  As I write this manuscript, I can’t help but get excited about how it’s coming together.

Word of advice for fellow authors waiting on the process:  When in doubt, write.  And then write some more.  It soothes the wait.  At least for me.  Off to write!

Is the snail asleep?

I think I said earlier that the publishing industry works at a snail’s pace.  I’m holding firm with this belief.  I still have not heard from the publisher with Flipped for You, and it’s been so long that I’ve drafted probably three more versions of the thing, so the one that the editor has is now so old it’s probably unrecognizable.  I have sent the newest version to a smaller press, and the full is currently under review there.  Maybe I’ll get somewhere with this one.

I submitted my second manuscript, The One That Got Away to another midsized publisher.  This one requests exclusive submissions, but I have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail that they have received the query, so I’m left to sit and ponder the manuscript’s flight into cyberspace…

It is clear by these results that everyone in the industry is completely overloaded.  I will say that patience is key in this business, and that I’m glad I didn’t start this in my seventies as I may never see the rewards of my labors!

I’m currently working–although I shouldn’t use the present participle as my writing has been at a complete standstill for the last two months due to moving–on I’d Rather Be Somewhere Else.  No plans for submission as of yet.  As alterations to the new house are dwindling and the holidays loom, I suspect I’ll be back on the keys in no time, clicking away.  I’ll keep you posted on this one.  In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all!